Symbiotic Training Center


Symbiotic Training is a comprehensive program utilizing a 360* athlete analysis, combining data collection with a unique expertise in skill and movement, to help each individual reach their goals. Born from co-founders Jono Green and Dana Sorensen’s combined passion to help athletes remain healthy while achieving their highest levels of performance, Symbiotic Training strives to ask the questions that lead to growth for our clients, ourselves, and the industry at large. As the name implies, it is the belief of Dana and Jono that by combining our efforts with those of our first class network of colleagues, we can provide an unparalleled level of service to our clients.

Jono Green



Jono is a passionate student of human performance with a unique perspective and approach to training due to his international roots and American schooling. A love of travel and basketball first brought Jono to the Unites States where he eventually completed a bachelors degree in the field of Sports and Fitness Management, before going on to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

With now over a decade of experience training high-level athletes, Jono continues to fine-tune his skill set, specializing in the training of baseball and softball athletes. As a consultant to UCLA Softball and trainer to over 20 professional baseball athletes, including 3 World Series Champion Houston Astros players, Jono is beyond excited to start a new and exciting journey with his dear friend Dana Sorensen.

Dana Sorensen



Dana is uniquely different softball pitching instructor with her combined experience as a player, coach and sports performance specialist.  She began her journey as an athlete competing for Stanford University, the National Pro Fastpitch League, and Team USA.  She is a 3 time All – American, 4 Time All Pac – 10 team, and was recently inducted into the Stanford Athletics Hall of Fame.  During her professional playing career that she began coaching at the University of California Davis and then continued on to Oregon State University. After leaving the college coaching ranks she moved down to San Diego and started her own company, Sorensen Elite Softball Pitching.  What makes Dana unique in pitching instruction is her knowledge of the Sports Performance, especially as it pertains to the sports of Softball and Baseball.  Through battling her own injuries, she found an interest in studying and learning about how to prepare the body for playing while reducing chance of injury.

Dana has earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Sociology from Stanford and her Master’s degree in Exercise Sport Science from University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.  She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association She has coached and trained hundreds of pitchers, including NCAA Champion and USA Softball’s Delanie Gourley, and served as a consultant to UCLA softball.  She and Jono Green are thrilled to combine their knowledge and passions in opening Symbiotic Training Center. Collectively their goal is to help every athlete that walks through their get closer to achieving their individual athletic goals.


We’re remarkably proud to be sharing a facility and partnered with Water and Sports. We have long considered the services that they provide our clients to be second to non, and we couldn’t be happier to create a truly unique family under one roof.

Water & Sports Physical Therapy specializes in using water as an adjunct to highly skilled hands on therapy. Patients are educated in both deep water exercises, and injury specific land based programs for quick pain relief and long lasting results. We do this by figuring out the underlying cause of the pain and treating that issue and not just treating symptoms.


Diamond Strategies is a player development consulting firm that aims to maximize baseball and softball players’ potential using pitch tracking technologies and other relevant front office statistical methods.